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For no understandable reason, some women’s vagina can hardly to tolerate penetration without pains and discomfort. These may lead to women completely avoiding sexual intercourse in a marriage and thus put a strain on relationships. Vaginismus is one such condition and it is debilitating for many women as they are not able to control the muscles that are so sensitive and do not allow any form of vaginal penetration even if the women are emotionally willing to. As a result of persistent contraction, it is difficult to accommodate a partner’s penetration or insertion of tampon; even a mere touching near the vaginal area can cause pain.

What is the treatment?
Although penetration pain is a physical experience, vaginismus, in particular, has no apparent physical cause; as a result, it is more of a psychological experience arising from past trauma. Thus the procedure is cognitive. Before treatment can take place, the doctor needs to examine the patient to make sure it is not Dyspareunia, a medical name for painful sexual intercourse caused by cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease or vaginal atrophy. If affirmed to be vaginismus, counseling, and an injection are often used to great effect and cure the problem completely.

Who needs it?
Any women of experiencing painful penetration during sexual intercourse and where their vaginal area is intolerant to touching.

Who performs the procedure?
Our aesthetic gynecologist trained and experienced in various women health issues, Dr. Meshack Mbokota, will handle the treatment.

How is the procedure performed?
Treatment is in two parts involving psychological therapy, Kegel exercises, and an injection of Botox. The Botox is injected into the vaginal muscles which stop it from contracting and stops painful penetration. A Botox effect is long-lasting as it does not wear off in the treatment of the condition.

What are the results of the procedure?
After treatment, the patient should no longer experience painful penetration, and the persistent contraction will disappear thereby freeing the woman of any symptom of vaginismus.

How long does it take to complete
It depends on the patient’s ability to adjust and follow the psychotherapy treatment. But Botox procedure takes less than 45 minutes.

Is the procedure painful?
Not painful; necessary precautions are applied to avoid pain during and after the treatment.

What care do I need after the procedure?
The doctor will guide the patient on what to do after a Botox injection and the required exercises involving the patient and her partner after the procedure.

When can I contact the doctor after the procedure?
After the procedure and with compliant with doctor’s guidance, you should no longer feel the pain; however, if the pain returns persistently, you need to see the doctor.

How much does it cost?
Please visit the cost page for information.