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The vaginal canal has mucosal lining and sub-mucosal tissue, or cells under the lining which secrete mucous to moisten the inner lining for comfort, reduce dryness and enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse.  Aging can affect vagina’s inner lining to secrete mucous leading to dryness with attendant pain and irritation and failure to control the surrounding muscles to cause genitourinary symptoms, such as urine leak.

Loose vaginal may also be caused by childbirth and hormonal changes as the woman ages.

What is the procedure?
The procedure is a noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment to restore the vaginal and surrounding muscles to its youthful grade thereby making it tighter and firmly controlled.

Who needs it?
Any female that is experiencing vaginal looseness and pain during sex or any time she rides a horse or bicycle.

Who performs the procedure?
The procedure will be performed by our in-house expert aesthetic gynecologist, Dr. Meshack Mbokota.

How is the procedure performed?
The laser vaginal procedure is performed by placing the patient under topical or local anesthesia to make the therapy comforting and painless. We use Alma Femi lift® laser technologies which is the best so far (see animation video for description).

What are the results of the procedure?
Your vagina and surrounding muscles will return to nearly the tightness you had in your youth, before childbirth or certain medical conditions which resulted in laxity of the vagina muscles.

How long does it take to complete
It takes less than 1 hour, and you are ready to leave for home.

Is the procedure painful?
It’s not painful, especially under the caring hand of Dr. Meshack Mbokota.

What care do I need after the procedure?

  • Use your medication as prescribed
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 3 days


When can I contact the doctor after the procedure?
In case of bleeding, feeling hot after the procedure, please contact Health and Wellness Clinic for Women office for necessary action.

How much does it cost?
Please visit the cost page for information.