About Health and Wellness Clinic for Women


The Clinic

Loftus Park,
1st floor, Building B
402 Kirkness Road,|
Arcadia, 0083

We are providers of Aesthetic (cosmetic) Gynecology services based in Pretoria, and servicing women nationwide. This service entails a highly specialized surgery performed by gynecologists, specially trained in the practice of corrective genitalia surgery to improve the appearance of the female private parts, enhance sensation and tighten loose virginal looseness. And address the medical causes of pain experienced during intercourse.

Other advantages include changing the appearance of the vaginal ‘lips’ and ‘chicks’ (Labia Majora and Minora) and reducing the size of the cap of the clitoris (clitoral hood) which tend to enlarge with age and reduce sensation. The well-publicized benefit is the enhancements to the ‘G-spot’ which results in increased sexual sensation.

Our service goal is to restore women’s confidence, boost happiness, and give them the place of prestige they deserve in every relationship.

Health and Wellness Clinic for Women was conceptualized as a ‘one stop shop’ for all women to solve their feminine health needs. We understand the pains most women are experiencing suffering from different forms of genital abnormality. Our job is to mainly provide aesthetic (cosmetic) gynecology services beyond the standard gynecology services currently available in Gauteng.

We believe that the female folks do not need to suffer unduly reproductive health complications when we have the competency, and resources to deliver cutting-edge aesthetic (cosmetic) gynecology services to put smiles in the faces of women who have been tormented by the physical and emotional plague of genital damages.

Damage to the woman’s genitalia may arise from childbirth with episiotomies (the cut was done to assist women during delivery) that were not correctly sutured, vaginal tears from giving birth that was either not noticed or suture and other genital severe complications of childbirth.

we also address other serious complication of the birthing process like damaged bladder or rectum, prolapsing bladder or rectum, communication between the vagina and either the bladder or the rectum all form part of the scope of work we perform as aesthetic gynecologists.

Dr. Meshack Mbokota, having worked more than 20 years as a specialist obstetrician and gynecologist and served in various capacities as medical practitioner spanning over 27 years, his passion for female reproductive health is never doubted.

He further expresses this passion with the establishment of the Health and Wellness Clinic for Women, a corrective surgery institution for females with genital issues. The establishment of this resourceful clinic couldn’t be timelier as the scourge of genital damage has plagued many women for years; now there is hope to live a normal feminine life once more.

The health and wellness clinic for women is open to every woman who understands they need help with their genitalia issues; and that they can get help from one of the foremost aesthetic gynecologist in the world who is currently in Pretoria to attend to their health needs.